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Inverters & Rectifiers

ER 1500-Inverter

The ER 1500 Inverter is a highly compact and reliable DC to AC power inverter.
The ER 1500 Inverter is designed for telecom application and it features full electronic protection, high efficiency and low output noise.


  • Input 48/60 VDC compatible
  • Output 220 VAC / load up to 1.5KVA
  • Sinewave Pulse Width Modulation
  • Harmonic filtering
  • 1+1 parallel redudancy
  • Compact size design
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • TUV, CE certified

PV Range

- Photovoltaic
- Solar/wind energy
- Telecommunications
- Electric utility
- Power plant


  • Available in capacities up to 80 kVA
  • True On-line design
  • Simple configuration
  • DSP digital control and IGBT technology
  • Sinewave Pulse Width Modulation
  • Output isolation transformer
  • High efficiency
  • Output short circuit dual protection design
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Easier power cable entry
  • LCD & LED displays
  • Easy readout and menu

PP-24V DC Rectifier-
PP-48V DC Rectifier- PP-110V DC Rectifier

  • Compact design and high power density
  • High Reliability
  • High efficiency and high power factor
  • Versatile and easy to install
  • Low noise levels
  • Maximum protection and safety
  • Complete self-contained power system
  • Application: PABX, Telecom Exchange, Microwave, Cellular switching system, Industrial process control and emergency equipment, etc.

CPS6000 Cabinet Power System

Ideally suited for applications where space and durability in harsh environments are critical, the CPS6000 battery reserve system provides up to 250A (23' shelf) with a 2U height and a temperature range of -40C to 75C. It supports up to four battery strings with battery management features and options such as slope thermal compensation, low voltage battery disconnect, battery high temperature alarm and battery shorted detection.

The system is fully front accessible and can be configured using the front panel display and controls or with a personal computer. shelves are available with bulk, single slot module ( 10 GMT fuse ), and double slot module ( 20 GMT fuse ) load output configurations, and can support up to two 100 VA Ringer Modules. Up to four shelves can be connected in parallel supplying an external distribution panel, making CPS6000 an excellent growth system choice. it si ideal for OSP power, broadband, access and other telecom network power applications.

NP Platform

With the ability to accept worldwide AC input voltages using eight different AC input cords and worldwide safety agency approvals, the NP family is the top choice in rectifiers. The NP family consist of a wide variety of scalable 48V building blocks including the NP 0800, NP 1200, NP 1500, and NP 2500 and a 24V building block, the NP 1300. The NP 0800, NP 1200, and the NP 1500 are 2RU tall, while the NP 1300 and the NP 2500 are 3RU tall. The rectifiers and shelf are also NEBS approved. Rapid customization of the rectifiers is possible with the use of Network Protocol Cards (NPC). A complementary shelf is also available that holds up to three modules.

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