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Power-plus always strives to deliver the highest quality products to its worldwide customers. Quality is its permanent theme. Stringent process control governs all manufacturing activities. Quality engineers are highly involved in evaluating the quality and reliability of all products manufactured both in the design and production stages. Our quality control is emphasized throughout our manufacturing process to maximize customer satisfaction.

Advanced Production Facilities
Highly reliable, advanced technologies are required for the production facilities themselves to produce high-performance, high-quality products. We are optimizing product quality and productivity by promoting advanced automation and systematization for production lines. These streamlined automated production systems have greatly contributed to improvement in both quality and productivity. State-of-the-art facilities and semi-automated production lines are integrated. As a result, the highest precision is guaranteed for every product and supported by utilizing highly reliable, advanced technology.

Reliable Quality Control System

Our products' reliability depends on our reliable quality control system. Power-plus has set up a completed quality control system at the beginning of company establishment, and successfully won the Products Quality License of Export Enterprise with high foothold and far foresight according to the features of the products mainly exported . It passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification in 1998 and now is puting them in practice completely to fit the international market and comply with the international quality management standards.

Farsighted Quality Guideline

The quality built up the PowerPlus Brand who has been approved by army for military application and also by telecommunications. PowerPlus people have taken the first step to success and will continue to go forward to it under the guidance of our farsighted quality guideline -To Create Worldwide Top-ranking Brands Based on Quality.

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